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Air Service Basel in Switzerland partnered with local jeweler Mezger and luxury Swiss watch maker IWC for an exclusive client event, held at the FBO’s facility on September 25, 2017. Air Service Basel CEO Claudio Lasagni comments on how these events are important to his maintenance and handling facility in Basel.

What happened at the recent event at Air Service Basel with Mezger and IWC?

We invited a select number of clients from Air Service Basel and Mezger to our passenger lounge for an apéro and a preview of the new IWC collection. The clients were also invited to fly in an original 1939 Junkers-52 from Dübendorf to Basel.

Was the event to celebrate a special occasion?

We’ve wanted to do an event that creates awareness around our partnership with Mezger and IWC for some time, and we just needed to find a good time to do it. When we found out that we would be given an exclusive clock from IWC CEO Chris Grainger for our passenger lounge, we thought this would be a perfect moment to mark the occasion and create a special event. We also like to give something back to our customers, especially the ones who have been using our services for some time.

Do you think partnering with local businesses is important? What do you think about FBOs sponsoring brands?

Yes, I think partnerships with local businesses are the key to being successful in this industry. I also see no problem with sponsorship if it’s not invasive and offers something that our customers will be interested in.

We are lucky enough to be at the source of original Swiss-quality products here in Basel, and I find that is something that does still appeal to our clients. Just like in the private aviation industry, businesses like Mr Mezger’s rely on face-to-face interaction for their sales and we share a very similar target market. I think if we can appeal to our clients with offers they are interested in, support local businesses, and create awareness around our own brand, then that’s a benefit for everyone.

Was the event a success?

We had a great response from the customers who could join us and also from our colleagues at Mezger and IWC. We will definitely be doing more events like this in the future.

For more information about hosting events with Air Service Basel please contact: info@airservicebasel.com

2nd October, 2017

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