Flying to Houston: Your guide to the city’s business aviation airports and FBOs


Houston offers a range of airports for private and business aviation to serve its regional business and leisure communities for both domestic and international flights. 

Houston is the most populous city in the state of Texas and the fourth most populous city in the USA. Widely-known for its oil and gas industry, it also has strong links to the aerospace sector through its association with space agency NASA. Today the city is building on that association with a project to build a commercial spaceport at Ellington Airport.

Ellington Airport is a 380 acre site in the south east of the city that accommodates around 90,000 general aviation operations each year and offers 24/7 services, including refueling and air traffic control service for its three active runways. The airport became a licensed commercial spaceport in 2015 and a US$20 million project to build a commercial spaceport terminal began there last year.

Further south from Ellington is Pearland Regional Airport, while a short distance north, towards the center of Houston is William P Hobby Airport. It is the closest airport to Downtown Houston that serves business aviation, but does also host commercial airlines. The airport, which is also the oldest in the city, is busy and has a very competitive field for corporate aviation, serving more than 80,000 general aviation flights a year.

Energy Corridor

Moving inland, West Houston Airport covers 200 acres with a single runway and around 100,000 flights a year. About two thirds of that traffic is local general aviation, with the remainder transient and air taxi flights. The privately-owned airport is conveniently located for travel to Downtown and offers a luxury VIP lounge and a range of aviation services. Also to the west of the city, Sugar Land Regional Airport has one FBO and is used primarily for general aviation. It also offers conference rooms, showers and sleeping rooms. The furthest west of the city, Houston Executive Airport opened in 2007 primarily to serve oil and gas businesses, with facilities provided by the Henriksen Jet Center, a full service FBO. The airport proudly features the world’s largest arrival canopy.

Lone Star

Finally, to the north of the city is George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Last year 46 million commercial passengers used the airport, but it also offers FBOs from Atlantic and Signature and has good, fast links to Downtown. Conroe-North Airport is the furthest north from Downtown, but the 50 mile transit can still be done in under an hour. Known as the Lone Star Executive Airport before 2016, it changed its name to draw attention to its location. In 2016 it also became an international airport thanks to the opening of a US Customs and Border Protection facility on the site. The all-weather airport hosts over 300 aircraft, 240 hangars, a control tower, two FBOs, a general aviation terminal, a US Army Reserve Aviation unit and more than 20 businesses and several government agencies.

Airports in Houston 

George Bush Intercontinental (KIAH)

George Bush Intercontinental

George Bush Intercontinental airport has 24/7 operational hours and is 20 miles from Downtown. FBO services are by Atlantic Aviation and Signature and Avgas and Jet-A are available. The airport’s longest runway is 12,001ft.

William P Hobby Airport (KHOU)

William P Hobby Airport

William P Hobby Airport has 24/7 operational hours and is 10 miles from Downtown. FBO services are provided by Atlantic Aviation Jet Aviation, Galaxy, Million Air, Signature and Wilson Air Center. Avgas and Jet-A are available here. The airport’s longest runway is 7,602ft.

Ellington Airport (KEFD)

Operational hours are 24/7 at Elligton Airport and Downtown is just 22 miles away. FBO services are provided by Signature and On the Fly self-serve fuel is also available. Avgas and Jet-A are available here. The airport’s longest runway is 9,001ft.

Sugar Land Regional Airport (KSGR)

Sugar Land Regional Airport

Sugar Land Regional Airport’s operating hours are 0500-2300 and the airport’s FBO is provided by Global Select. Downtown is 29 miles away. The longest runway is 8,000ft and Avgas and Jet-A are available.

Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport (KCXO)

Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport

Operating hours at Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport are 0600-2100. Galaxy FBO and General Aviation Jet Centre can be found here. The longest runway at the airport is 7,501ft and Avgas and Jet-A are both available. The airport is 47 miles from Downtown.

Houston Executive Airport (KTME)

Houston Executive Airport

Houston Executive Airport’s operating hours are 24/7. The airport has a full service FBO provided by Henriksen Jet Center and both Avgas and Jet-A are available. The longest runway is 6,610ft and Downtown is 38 miles away.

West Houston Airport (KJWS)

West Houston Airport

FBO services provided on site by West Houston Airport and operating hours are 24/7. The airport’s longest runway  is 3,953ft and Avgas and Jet-A are available. The airport’s distance from Downtown is 25 miles.

Houston Southwest Airport (KAXH)

Operating hours at Houston Southwest Airport are 24/7 and facilities are provided by the airport. The longest runway is 5,002ft. Fuels available are Avgas and  Jet-A. The airport is 20 miles from Downtown.

Pearland Regional Airport (KLVJ)

Pearland Regional Airport’s operating hours are 24/7 and all facilities are provided by the airport. The longest runway is 4,313ft and Avgas and Jet-A are available at the airport. Downtown is 25 miles away.

Baytown Airport (KHPY)

Operating hours at Baytown Airport are 24/7 and the airport provides all the facilities. The longest runway is 4,334ft and Avgas and Jet-A are available. The distance from Downtown is 26 miles.

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