Flying to New York City: Your guide to the city’s business aviation airports and FBOs


Your guide to flying to the USA’s most populous city.

There are a lot of options available for those seeking to fly privately to New York City. Flight crews and customers can take advantage of some of the best airports and FBOs in the world. 

Depending on exactly where you draw the line, within a 40 mile radius there are around a dozen airports and more than 30 FBOs to choose from when flying into New York City. From these options, planners will usually select where to land based on price and proximity to the final destination. 

The city itself hardly needs introducing – a global hub for finance markets and the fashion and entertainment industry, its vibrant culture and many tourist attractions ensure that most of the time it is a busy airspace to enter. 

New York City’s airports also act as an international gateway to Europe and the rest of the world. Transatlantic flights from New York to Europe and vice versa mean many travelers will use an airport in the region to transfer to or from a domestic US flight.

Peak times

New York has three main commercial international airports with FBOs serving corporate and private flights: JFK International, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty. Outside of these, Teterboro Airport, which has a choice of four FBOs is the closest and most popular option for business aviation. Teterboro is the busiest private airport in the USA and one of the busiest in
the world. 

The general manager of Teterboro Airport,
Maria Sheridan, says planning ahead is essential for business aviation flights: “Teterboro shares airspace with three major air carrier airports, and several other general aviation airports. Managing all of that traffic can occasionally result in delays or having to share departure releases with other airports. Delays can be compounded during our busiest seasons or inclement weather. Calling ahead or arriving / departing at off-peak hours can help mitigate the possibility. 

“It is always best practice to contact the FBO of choice and schedule arrival and departure events.”

Under normal non-pandemic circumstances, Teterboro’s busiest periods are from March until July 4 and then from the September 7 (Labor Day) until Christmas. During the week, traffic usually starts to build Sunday evening, peaking on Wednesday or Thursday evening. During the day evenings are busiest, says Sheridan.

Nearby airports

These busy periods are broadly mirrored across the entire New York area’s airports. Corey Hanlon, business development manager at Morristown Airport, says the ebbs and flows of traffic are driven mainly by corporate flights – end of year board meetings and similar, but that during July and August Morristown and other general aviation airports cater mainly for leisure travelers.

Morristown, which is around 28 miles west from the city, is one of several options further out from New York that includes Westchester (White Plains) to the north, Republic and MacArthur in the east on Long Island and Linden to the south. These airports offer viable alternatives to the main airports and Teterboro, with FBOs that regularly cater for charter operators. Morristown FBO is provided by Signature and Lynx, with a hangar run by Signature and one in planning by Lynx.

Hanlon says, “It can be a very congested area, and we have more space, away from the craziness. With the extra ramp space you can operate larger aircraft and get a car out to clients more easily. 

“It’s a smooth journey into the city from our airport and it has all the amenities you need.”

Main airports in New York

JFK International Airport (KFJK, JFK)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO provided by Sheltair 

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runways: longest is 14,511ft, 13R/31L

Distance from Manhattan: 19 miles

LaGuardia International airport (KLGA, LGA)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO from Sheltair

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runways: 7,003ft, 13/31; 7,000ft (04/22)

Distance from Manhattan: 9 miles

Newark Liberty (KEWR, EWR)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO provided by Signature

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runways: 11,000ft, 04L/22R; 10,000ft, 4R/22L; 6,700ft 11/29

Distance from Manhattan: 28 miles

Other airports near New York City

Teterboro Airport (KTEB, TEB)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO provided by Atlantic Aviation, Meridian Teterboro,
Jet Aviation and Signature

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 7,000ft, 01/19; 6,013ft, 6/24

Distance from Manhattan: 14 miles

Morristown Airport (KMMU, MMU)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO provided by Lynx
and Signature 

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 6,000ft 5/23; 4,000ft 13/31

Distance from Manhattan: 34 miles

Westchester County Airport (KHPN, HPN) 

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO by Million Air, Ross Aviation and Signature

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 6,550ft, 16/34; 4,451ft 11/29

Distance from Manhattan: 33 miles

Linden Airport (KLDJ, LDJ)

Operating hours: 7am to 7:30pm

Facilities: FBO provided by Linden Airport Management

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 4,140ft 9/27

Distance from Manhattan: 24 miles

Republic Airport — Farmingdale, NY (KFRG, FRG)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO from Atlantic Aviation, Republic Jet Center, Sheltair, Signature

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 6,880ft, 14/32; 5,516ft, 1/19

Distance from Manhattan: 40 miles

Essex County Airport (KCDW, CDW)

Operating hours: 7am-11pm

Facilities: FBO provided by
Air Bound Aviation

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 4,550ft, 4/22; 3,719ft, 10/28

Distance from Manhattan: 28 miles

Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP, ISP)

Operating hours: 24/7

Facilities: FBO provided by Atlantic Aviation, Meridian Teterboro,
Jet Aviation and Signature

Fuel: Avgas, Jet-A

Runway: 7,000ft, 6/24; 5,000ft, 15R/33L; 3,000ft 15L/33R

Distance from Manhattan: 55 miles

Please note operational times of airports are not representative of reduced operating because of Covid-19

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