Meet the manager: Wendy McConaughey, Luxivair SBD


Luxivair SBD’s FBO manager discusses how she started and how she stays ahead in business aviation.

What was the career path to your role?

I went to work at the Chino Airport, California as a receptionist for a flight school a little over 32 years ago.

A year later I was hired by the only FBO on the field. At that age I could not keep still, and I was intrigued by business. This made me want to learn every aspect of the FBO.

I made it a point to work in every department, ordering parts, updating Jeppesens, cleaning aircraft, writing logbook entries and running the first self-serve station on the field. I loved the fast pace and interacting with the customers.

I oversaw customer service, then accounting, and then began running the FBO. I would go to different airports and see how other FBOs worked, then bring that knowledge back to ours. I would learn from anyone who would take the time to teach. When I was hired as the FBO manager at Luxivair SBD I knew I had found home. I love it here.

What are the best and least favorable parts of your job?

The best is the customer service. I enjoy making people happy and taking that extra step to impress our customers. The least is the upkeep of a big and fast FBO. With something this big and beautiful, it takes a lot of work and time. With all the equipment comes a lot of maintenance.

Can you describe a typical day?

Each day is different. I like to check in with each department and stay up to date on what is happening.
We move quite a bit of fuel here so my first focus is to see if all is good and topped off. I always take some time out to visit with customers in the lobby. It is important to get feedback on our service.

What has been the proudest achievement in your career so far?

The day I realized I had built a supportive, knowledgeable and amazing team here. I enjoy teaching new employees how they can succeed at Luxivair SBD. Another achievement I’m proud of is when we sold over 20 million gallons in a single year.

What is the most significant trend currently affecting business aviation?

Automation and technology. I started when writing a fuel ticket and spreadsheets were the way of the world. Now we have so many new ways to make our work easier. For example, meters on the refuelers talk to our software, and fuelers have phone devices that work with trucks and software.

What advice would you give someone interested in a business aviation career?

You need to put in the work and start at the bottom. Learn every aspect of the business. I’m still learning.

What does the future hold for Luxivair?

I see a great future for Luxivair SBD. This place is on the up. With continuing passenger service at the airport, scheduled cargo service and the growth in general aviation in this area I see nothing but good things.

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