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Jamie Walker, president and CEO of Jet Linx, talks to Business Airport International about how the company’s new terminal is transforming general aviation operations in Detroit, Michigan

Tell me about the creation of the new terminal at Oakland International Airport.

Conversations surrounding the terminal began in early January 2018, when we initiated the refurbishment of a facility that was no longer in use at Midfield Management. As with any construction project, the biggest challenge is always managing deadlines and delivering on time; however, with meticulous forward planning and a great relationship with our construction partner, we were able to open the terminal as planned.

Who did you work with and how did Jet Linx make its vision a reality?

We worked with a local designer and had a clear vision from the very beginning. Our intention was to create an ‘old Detroit’ theme using reclaimed bricks and creating an upscale and relaxed environment. Our local contractors were able to bring our vision to life and we have received a positive response from our members.

What facilities and services will the new terminal offer clients?

The new terminal offers members a private meeting room, executive lounge, wi-fi connectivity and a dedicated local team available to meet all member and aircraft owner requests. The terminal is inclusive of a dedicated hangar for our clients who fly with Jet Linx.

What is its unique selling point?

The new private terminal offers members a more focused, personalized approach to private jet travel. Members have access to a local team, local planes, local pilots and a local terminal with a wide array of services and amenities available exclusively for Jet Linx clients.

Members will also benefit from the convenience of boarding and taking off in a matter of minutes. Others who fly private do so through a third-party operated FBO, whereas with our own private terminal we have complete control of the experience and are able to make it a more personal one.

What is so special about Detroit as a destination?

Detroit has proven to be an exceptional market and Jet Linx was eager to provide new and existing jet card members with the company’s differentiated industry expertise and the very best in customer service. The new terminal was the first new development at the Oakland County International Airport in 20 years.

What does the future hold for Jet Linx?

The new Detroit private terminal marks the 14th base location in the Jet Linx portfolio. We have additional plans to expand to the Northeast market with bases in New York and Boston, and want to increase our presence in the Midwest with the addition of a Chicago Base. We also have expansion plans on the West Coast.

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