A private aviation initiative around CO2 emissions


A Swiss-based entrepreneur is launching the first ever sustainable private aviation jet card program that measures flights in terms of CO2 rather than time logged.

The program is called the Climate Jet Club Card and proposes an innovative approach to the well-known “Jet Card” program. This adaptation gives users a hands-on feeling for the impact their flying has on the environment and entices them to use greener aircraft if they want to fly more.

The program proposes CO2 credit cards. CO2 volume is measured using publicly available data and encompasses such aspects as catering, handling, fuel and aircraft manufacturing.

CO2 credit is debited after the flight, once the exact flight time becomes known. Users may fly on any type of aircraft. However, by choosing more polluting aircraft, they end up having to top up their CO2 credit faster. For example, flying on a PC-24 light jet divides by two the available flight time on a turboprop PC-12; on a heavy jet, the flight time is divided by almost 3 or 4. If the itinerary allows it, passengers may also book first class tickets in order to decrease their carbon footprint.

The initiative should lead the way to greener aviation in general. Indeed, it’s not thinkable to impose CO2 taxes on public transportation if high net worth individuals show indifference to an issue which concerns everyone.

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