Access portal created to help screen for Covid-19


Modular Security Systems has collaborated with Scientific Research Corporation on an access-control solution that can screen for skin temperature.

Scientific Research Corporation (SRS) will be outfitting Modular Security Systems’ (MSSI) patented MAC Safe-T-Check modular access-control portals with its Health Assessment Terminal (HAT) technology. HAT is an automated wall-mounted thermal-imaging system that quickly and reliably screens skin temperature before allowing entry into a commercial or industrial construction site, government facility, military base or other venue.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect large swaths of the country, it remains imperative that those who may be exhibiting symptoms of the virus not be allowed to interact closely with other individuals. In this case, a quick temperature scan at the entrance of a facility will help indicate whether or not a person might be infected.

“We are in an era where it appears that the ‘new normal’ will require employers to take every step possible to prevent any employees who may have Covid-19 symptoms from entering a workplace,” said Robert Slagel, president and CEO of MSSI. “That being said, there are many essential industries that must try to retain a ‘business as usual’ approach to their operations. Our new MAC Safe-T-Check outfitted with the HAT technology from SRC will help worksites, such asconstruction sites, military bases and government facilities, quickly test their employees for elevated temperature before allowing them entry.”

The operation of the MAC Safe-T-Check is based on the design of MSSI’s industry-leading MAC Portal, which houses full-height turnstiles in a climate-controlled portable shipping container for secure site-access control that can be relocated where and when needed at a jobsite or venue. The MAC Safe-T-Check combines all of its features with the HAT technology from SRC, creating an access-control unit that screens workers for elevated temperature, and also ensures they have the proper security clearance.

The HAT is installed on the wall of the MAC Safe-T-Check Portal. The worker pauses for 2-4 seconds in front of the HAT screen, at which time the person’s skin temperature is scanned. The results are displayed to the worker and the turnstile is opened allowing access to the work site. The results of the temperature scan can also be sent to a remote monitoring station via WiFi or an Ethernet connection.

The HAT unit has a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3ºC (+/- 0.5ºF) between 36ºC to 40ºC (96ºF to 104ºF) when taken at a distance of 1.5 meters (5 feet). The temperature recording speed of the HAT provides for an average throughput rate of 10-12 people per minute.

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