Paramount Business Jets launches carbon offset system


International on-demand aircraft charter services and jet card membership provider Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) has launched an end to end solution for private jet customers to offset carbon emissions.

The new system is designed to allow private jet passengers to mitigate pollution generated by their flight for comparatively minimal financial or time costs. It works by calculating the carbon needing to be offset and suggesting leading carbon offset organizations that can directly accept offset donations. While such programs have been available for some time for commercial airline flights, Paramount Business Jets is the first company to offer a digital end to end system for everyone in the private aviation industry.

The Easy Private Jet Carbon Offset System lets clients enter their flight time and the type of aircraft performing their flight, which they select from an extensive list of leading charter jet aircraft. The tool then computes the flight’s total emissions and offers a list of eight international carbon offset providers from which the client may choose to pay for carbon credits of their flight. It offers users choices including Terrapass; Green Mountain Energy; Stand for Trees; Carbon Fund; Bio Carbon Partners; Carbon Footprint; Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty; and Climate Care.

PBJ has made the Easy Private Jet Carbon Offset System open and available for use by all charter users, not just its own customers. The source code for the system along with fuel burn data for private jets, notes and instructions are all available free of charge to any person or company wishing to post the system on their website under their own corporate branding.

Paramount Business Jets founder and CEO Richard Zaher explained the background to why they developed this system. “I encouraged the development of the Easy Private Jet Carbon Offset System after years of frustration when trying to determine the carbon footprint of charter flights and how to quickly and easily offset it. Until now, this information was extremely difficult for private jet charter firms to track down.

“Even when that data could be found, it was generally at least a two-day process to secure an offset. It became very clear that our clients desire to lessen their environmental impact could only be met if we developed a system that recognized that time is typically the limiting factor for many private jet users. Our system allows private jet charter clients to calculate the carbon to be offset while connecting private aviation clients with effective carbon offsetting partners in less than two minutes.”

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