Pegasus Universal Aerospace names Robbie Irons as CEO


Robbie Irons has been named as the Chief Executive Officer of South Africa-based vertical take-off and landing business jet developer Pegasus Universal Aerospace.

With decades of international aviation experience, Robbie will help lead product development and lend strategic support to founder and chairman Dr Reza Mia as the business seeks to secure investment.

“As general aviation evolves, I am excited to become actively involved with the innovative Pegasus One,” said Irons, who was with Dr Reza in EBACE conference in Geneva for the program’s international debut.

“I am delighted Robbie has agreed to come on board. Having him as a partner is a major asset,” Dr Reza said.

The Pegasus One is a proposed vertical take-off and landing  business jet concept which features a cranked dihedral wing and an X-tail design, and use two General Electric CT7 engines to drive in-wing lift fans and rear thrust fans through integrated gearboxes, all managed by multiple redundant computer systems.

The proposed concept seats eight passengers and have a range of around 4,410km or 2,130km when using vertical take-off and landing mode. Cruise speed is expected to be 800 km/h.

This appointment coincides with confirmation that a series of prospective investor evenings are to be scheduled for September through to November this year, initially in Johannesburg. Further opportunities to invest in the programme, online, will be available for potential investors based nationally within South Africa and internationally.

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