LAX launches exclusive new terminal The Private Suite


Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has debuted its exclusive new terminal, The Private Suite, which is set to open on May 15.

The new site is a separate VIP terminal at LAX for first and business class travelers. It will have its own TSA security line, luxurious suites to enjoy while waiting for a flight, and BMW 7 Series sedans to transport passengers directly to the tarmac.

Upon arrival passengers are assigned eight staff members, including two to cater to the client’s needs, one to walk them through security and one who handles the luggage. Passengers will be escorted to their personal suite consisting of a bathroom, food pantry, two-person daybed and view of the airport runways.

The service cost will be US$3,500 for domestic flights and US$4,000 for international journeys, with the price covering up to three passengers. Membership to the program costs US$7,500 per year, with members enjoying extra benefits, such as lower rates for the use of the service and the option of booking up to six months in advance. Pre-flight massages and in-suite hair and makeup services are other bonuses.

The terminal is owned and operated by security company Gavin de Becker & Associates.

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