Bespoke concierge service launches as private jet travel soars


As more travelers turn to business aviation to help ensure their safety during the era of Covid-19, three highly experienced private aviation executives have launched SUITS on the Ground, an innovative concierge service providing on-site, bespoke service at FBOs and private jet terminals worldwide.

Drawing on decades of experience in business aviation, charter and ground handling, David Rimmer, Andy Ferguson, and Omar Diaz have come together to turn their focus on the often overlooked ground experience.

“The first 100 feet and last 100 feet on a business aviation trip can make or break the experience,” said David Rimmer. “We are redefining the concept of door to door service. While others focus on customer service that begins and ends at the aircraft door, we believe it actually begins and ends for passengers at the door of their vehicles before and after every flight.”

With record high levels of private jet activity, including an influx of new corporate and individual travelers,  flyers may assume that everything will be taken care of, right through to their final destination. “We created SUITS to focus on the departures and arrivals, interfacing with the FBO, charter operators, brokers and corporate flight department to seamlessly extend an operator’s brand.”

SUITS will fill a service gap that exists today.  Each tailored on-site service will meet a client’s precise needs and will be scaled to fit the mission for individual flights or large groups increasingly utilizing VIP corporate shuttles.   Services include meet and greets, facilitating ground transportation, movement of luggage, and last-minute requests that may be impractical or even impossible for busy FBO staff and traveler arrangers – who may be thousands of miles away – to fulfil.

SUITS can also offer much needed relief to busy flight crews – assisting with aircraft restocking and passenger needs crews are unable to accommodate given their increasingly tight schedules and short turnarounds.

Rimmer said, “Changing travel habits brought about by the pandemic and increasing congestion at FBOs was the catalyst to launch SUITS on the Ground.”

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