Creation of the French Bureau of e-fuels


The French Bureau of e-fuels, an independent organization dedicated to promoting the e-fuels industry in France, has been created, with the support of industry experts including Charlotte de Lorgeril, Cédric de Saint-Jouan, Christian Gauthier, Paul-Joël Derian, Raphaël Lance, Daniel Iracane and Professor Patrice Geoffron.

France aims to become a pioneer in the development of synthetic fuels and molecules.

The French Bureau of e-fuels is designed to convene the various active private players in the sustainable fuels’ ecosystem. Its primary goal is to promote a virtuous, competitive, and sustainable French e-fuels industry.

The Bureau will advise public and private players in the sector, to encourage the development of projects. It will be promoting synergies, exchanges, and will inform the public regarding e-fuels.

The aim of the Bureau is to initiate a collective reflection, bringing together experts, academics, industry players, technicians, and financiers, regarding the role of e-fuels in the energy transition and the development of a French industry.

Charlotte de Lorgeril, Partner Energy, Utilities & Environment at Sia Partners, and Cédric de Saint-Jouan, CEO and founder of Vol-V and chairman of the Strategic Committee at Elyse Energy, have been appointed spokespersons for this office for the next 6 months.

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