DC Aviation G-OPS to open a new FBO at Nice Airport


In January 2023, DC Aviation G-OPS will be opening a brand new FBO at Nice Airport.

The new FBO is committed to delivering a complete range of VIP handling services backed by the dedication, professionalism, and experience of the DC Aviation G-OPS team.

The FBO is in an excellent location, which helps to optimize operations and support services. It includes a spacious lounge designed by renowned architects, Hollin + Radoske.

Passengers and crew will find that the lounge has the latest technological innovations set in luminous and luxurious surroundings.

The purpose of the DC Aviation G-OPS FBO is to offer customers the services and standards DC Aviation already has in place at locations in Europe and the UAE.

G-OPS’s experience in ground services for VIP clients and its historical presence in the French Riviera presents a strength in the launch of the new FBO.

As Nice is one of Europe’s most popular and busiest airports, DC Aviation G-OPS believe the new FBO will be able demonstrate the quality, efficiency, operational excellence, and unique customer experience of traveling with DC Aviation with the support of G-OPS to new and existing customers.

Karim Berrandou, CEO of G-OPS said, “DC Aviation-G-OPS will be an integral part of the airport ecosystem and maintain close collaboration with airport authorities, acting as our clients’ unique point of contact to deliver best-in-class services.”

Michael Kuhn, CEO of DC Aviation said, “We are looking forward to building a dependable and close-knit cooperation with the airport and our local partners to achieve the set goals – in terms of sustainability as well – while offering our customers facilities that meet our high standards with respect to quality, comfort, and discretion.”

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