FlyExclusive unveils Platinum Jet Club


FlyExclusive, a leading provider of premium private jet charter experiences, has introduced Platinum Jet Club, a new option to its Jet Club that allows new members to access a completely fixed pricing experience.

The major enhancements, which still use flyExclusive’s unique daily and hourly rate structure, include access with no monthly membership, no peak day premiums, and fixed pricing for a 12-month period.

While other programs may offer fixed pricing, most also charge peak day premiums. This limited offer will allow Platinum Jet Club members to have the same rate structure every day of the year with 365 days of guaranteed availability.

FlyExclusive’s Jet Club is the ultimate private jet membership, providing fliers who buy in with guaranteed availability and access to flyExclusive’s floating fleet of more than 90 light, midsize and super-midsize Citation aircraft. Members can now choose between traditional Jet Club and retain their membership for as long as they choose to fly for a low monthly fee or select the Platinum membership to lock in the rates for a 12-month period.

The Platinum Jet Club is purposefully designed to directly address several pain points in the industry, while still offering competitive pricing structures for all types of flying including point-to-point travel, same day round trips or multi-city stops.

“Jet Club continues to grow in popularity and with a unique membership structure truly crafted with our members flying needs at the core,” said Brad Blettner, chief revenue officer, flyExclusive. “We continue to listen to our members identifying ways to make Jet Club the premier private travel solution. The Platinum Jet Club we are unveiling today follows in our desire to provide even more access, choice and control based on how they fly.”

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