Freespeed Aviation joins the Air Charter Safety Foundation


California-based aviation firm Freespeed Aviation has become the newest member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.

The company joins ACSF’s roster of more than 220 member companies whose joint mission is to enable the highest levels of safety in personal, charter and business aviation.

“Freespeed Aviation, like so many of our rapidly growing ACSF members, has an ironclad commitment to safety,” said ACSF president Bryan Burns. “We’re grateful that our safety-focused mission, vision and programs are finding so much currency among hundreds of Part 91 and Part 135 operators.”

“Safety is the cornerstone of our business,” said Robert Martin, president of Freespeed Aviation. “Our unofficial motto is: ‘We won’t put you in an aircraft that we wouldn’t personally fly ourselves with our own families on board.’ Our ACSF membership is just one more important means of demonstrating that commitment to safety.”

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