Banyan Air Service welcomes delivery of Avfuel SAF


Avfuel has delivered 7,000 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Banyan Air Service (KFXE) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The fuel accounts for a two metric ton reduction in lifecycle CO2 emissions, furthering sustainability goals for Banyan Air Service and Avfuel. The fuel was allotted to operators via commitments prior to its delivery.

“We’re thankful to work with such a longstanding partner on sustainability initiatives,” said Joel Hirst, vice president of sales for Avfuel. “The Banyan team provides exceptional services and we’re proud to help them provide this exclusive, environmentally-friendly product to its customers to once again demonstrate that aircraft can safely fly with SAF. This understanding is key to stimulate the demand for future production in order to bring SAF to market at a reasonable cost. The SAF supply chain is developing rapidly as the industry invests in production facilities to bring commercially-scaled SAF volumes to market, which will be pivotal to business aviation obtaining its carbon emission goals.”

“Avfuel’s dedication to business aviation and its commitment to protect our environment is outstanding,” said Don Campion, president of Banyan Air Service. “It is an honor to be among the first FBOs to supply operators with Avfuel’s sustainable aviation fuel and a privilege to be associated with an innovative company to raise awareness and encourage further production of this alternative fuel.”

While a commercial ratable scale of SAF supply continues to be a hurdle for the industry, Avfuel hopes that by raising awareness of the product, it can inspire commitments and demand for SAF, encouraging further production.

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