Jackson Hole Aviation runs sustainable biofuel demo


Operators at FBO Jackson Hole Aviation have tiraled refueling  Avfuel’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

Avfuel supplied  7300 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to the airport last week, which fueled 35 commercial and general aviation aircraft, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2 metric tons.

Jim Ellwood, executive director at Jackson Hole Airport said,“We are fortunate to have partnered with Avfuel, which allowed us to give our community a glimpse into the future of Sustainable Alternative Fuel within the aviation industry. Being the only commercial service airport located wholly within a National Park, the Jackson Hole Airport Board is vested in limiting our impact on our environment. The Jackson Hole Airport plans to have this fuel onsite when it is readily available.”

“These demonstration-type days are key to raising awareness on the viability of sustainable aviation fuel,” said Keith Sawyer, manager of alternative fuels for Avfuel. “They prove the concept that the product exists, it is safe and it provides a great benefit to our environment.”

“Avfuel’s proud to play a role in the SAF initiative,” said Sawyer. “We’re thankful to the team at Jackson Hole that recognizes the need for sustainable alternatives and have worked diligently with us on the logistics of making this demonstration day a reality.”

This SAF demonstration was held in conjunction with the airport’s ribbon cutting ceremony for its new underground stormwater detention and filtration system.

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