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Gogo Business Aviation has announced that it expects Gogo 5G to deliver ~25 Mbps on average with peak speeds in the 75-80 Mbps range.

A recent survey by The Boston Consulting Group reported that Gogo AVANCE L5 customers experienced 2-7+ Mbps speeds, and with 5G onboard, those speeds will increase dramatically,” said Sergio Aguirre, president of Gogo Business Aviation. “We are confident that with our new higher speeds and inherent low latency, 5G will deliver the best connectivity experience in business aviation.

“Our 5G network deployment has begun, and we’re on schedule for launch in the second half of 2022. We’re deep into system qualification and certification, we’re developing a comprehensive Supplemental Type Certification (STC) portfolio, and last week we announced our launch customer, Jet Edge.”

The 5G speeds above are based on modeling of eight commonly traveled city pairs, including New YorkMiamiLos AngelesSan Francisco and Dallas, and confirmed by recent flight testing of Gogo’s airborne and ground-station antennas.

Gogo 5G will be a fast and easy upgrade for aircraft installed with AVANCE L5, which is the most successful and widely adopted broadband connectivity system in business aviation history.

The AVANCE speeds quoted above are based on interviews with more than 70 Gogo customers by The Boston Consulting Group. Customers report regularly using video-intense applications like Zoom, Teams, and social media.

Gogo AVANCE is line-fit offerable at all nine business aviation OEMs, and has STCs across all aircraft types and sizes from personal jets (Cirrus G2+ Vision Jet) and turboprops to the largest ultra-long range global aircraft. Gogo also has a network of 120 authorized dealers worldwide.

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