Harrods Aviation transitions to all electric vehicles


Harrods Aviation have announced the completion of the transition to a fleet of all-electric vehicles.

They are quieter, smoother and more efficient than the previous combustion engine vehicles, meaning they
can carry on providing the highest level of customer service whilst also reducing operating costs.

“Harrods Aviation believes in leading the industry with the use of new technology which correlate with its sustainability goals. Part of this recent technology transition has been to utilise the latest electric vehicle technology from Mercedes Benz. An added benefit to using electric vehicles is the reduction of exhaust
emissions in and around our operating environment. Due to the nature of our business, our primarily airside vehicles, perform a lot of short journeys. The latest EV technology is the perfect solution to support these operational needs,” said director of operations, Dan Holian.

Harrods Aviation are making another significant step in becoming a responsible and environmentally conscious business. This move is part of the ongoing commitment to delivering on their sustainability goals and reducing carbon emissions.

The operations department currently has 65% of its GSE fleet powered by zero emissions equipment, with plans to transition the rest of its fleet as technology advances.

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