Skylegs software adds features to help manage Covid-19 requirements


Flight operations management software Skylegs has received its first batch of operational features to help operators combat Covid -19.

The features, which are being offered free of charge for the Skylegs user community are available online and comply with EASA requirements to reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus.

The new options include an “aircraft disinfected” tag for operators to use as part of the post-flight procedure. The tag shows who performed the disinfection, such as crew, a handler / third-party or maintenance team.

Selecting the tags is a quick and easy process, Maxim Schelfhout, Skylegs managing director said. “That is how these tools should be,” he said. “No complicated processes to handle these urgently needed procedures.”

EASA’s Official Safety Directive on disinfection of aircraft can be found here.

Operators can also use Skylegs’ Business Intelligence (BI) to track the disinfection procedures across their fleet. The flight operations report shows the list of disinfections and the non-disinfected legs.

Filtering options such as per aircraft, airport and country are embedded in the BI tool. Visualization of where the disinfection process took place is intended to help operators plan safer flights efficiently.

Finally, Skylegs is making a pandemic checklist available on the management platform, to help operators deal with the numerous restrictions in place around the world that are affecting flight operations. The checklist contains entries such as consulting authorities websites for implications, checking restrictions on the departure and arrival locations, passengers travel history, risk of quarantine and availability of protective gear onboard.

“Operators can attach the ‘pandemic checklist’ to ensure that conditions are being met before starting the mission,” said Schelfhout.

The company is working on additional features to help operators during the pandemic, it said.

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