Jet Aviation starts year on a sustainability high


Jet Aviation is collaborating with several partners to offer and test programs and ideas that support sustainable aviation as part of its broader sustainability strategy.

In the latest initiative, Jet Aviation has collaborated with Diamondo Earthrounding, a not-for-profit company that is promoting the shared vision for sustainable aviation by circling the globe in a 5-seater Diamond 50 aircraft to demonstrate the potential of readily available technologies.

Matthias Niederhäuser and Robin Wenger, founders and intrepid pilots of Diamondo Earthrounding, departed from our Zürich FBO on January 2nd, commencing their round-the-world tour of some 70 legs across 35 countries over the next four months.

Throughout their journey, Jet Aviation is helping Diamondo Earthrounding fly sustainably using SAF through its global Book & Claim service.

“Harnessing the strengths of various groups with different talents and skillsets is one of the most effective strategies for bringing scale to innovative problem solving,” said Joao Martins, VP Regional FBO Operations Europe and General Manager Zurich. “Just as we support Diamond Earthrounding in connecting and promoting sustainable aviation initiatives in different climatic conditions, they help us raise awareness of the global reach and benefits of Book & Claim.”

SAF has great potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but its limitation is supply. The beauty of book and claim is that it gives owners and operators the opportunity to purchase the benefits of SAF and thereby support increased future production — from anywhere in the world, anytime. Moreover, as a market mechanism, it offers customers further choice in terms of the degree they wish to offset their emissions.

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