Jet It takes major step with commitment to cross-country travel


Jet It, the award-winning days based fractional jet ownership program, has announced the addition of the first two Gulfstream G150 aircraft to its current fleet of HondaJet aircraft.

“We are focused on providing more value to our shareholders. With the addition of the first of many Gulfstream aircrafts, we are further increasing the value added for shareholders with increased capacity and coast-to-coast capability,” said Jet It co-founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales.

With the demand for private jets at an all-time high, coupled with feedback from owners about their desire to travel longer distances, Jet It is taking a step toward larger planes with the purchase of two 8-passenger Gulfstream G150s. The new Gulfstream G150s are capable of non-stop transcontinental flights and will be available to all Jet It owners. A true mid-cabin aircraft with a range of 3,200 nautical miles, the Gulfstream G150 offers Jet It customers a non-stop cross-country flight option with a spacious 8-passenger cabin. With the addition of the larger aircraft, Jet It owners can meet their regional and transcontinental travel needs with the same cost-effective Jet It program they’re accustomed to.  

In addition, Jet It is presently Honda Jet’s largest fleet operator, so thinking forward, Jet It intends to be the launch customer for the new HondaJet 2600.

The 2600 will seat up to 11 occupants and has a range of 2,625 nautical miles. It will be the world’s first light jet capable of nonstop transcontinental flight across the United States.

“The G150 will lead to a seamless integration of cross continental travel for our shareowners. Honda’s commitment to aviation with the announcement of the Honda Jet 2600 is exciting, and we intend to be the launch customer when the aircraft becomes available. Three years in, we’re excited to add larger, longer-range options with an auspicious business plan,” said Gonzales.

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