Metrojet MRO completes first G650 6C inspection


The maintenance, repair and overhaul station of the Hong Kong-based Metrojet has recently completed its first 6C inspection on a Gulfstream G650 aircraft.

The inspection was completed during the challenging Covid-19 environment with the team completing the inspection within 25 days including an additional 200+ hours of findings. 

Metrojet HK MRO is a Gulfstream Authorised Warranty Facility (AWF) approved to work on customer bulletins, aircraft service changes and airworthiness directives. During the 25-day downtime, the Metrojet team also kept busy with two dual-engine change events for two separate aircraft as the Authorised Service Centre (ASC) for Rolls-Royce and completed a Gulfstream G450 scheduled 3C inspection. 

“Despite having such a busy schedule, it is truly commendable that our team managed to complete all the tasks within the month,” said Dave Yip, Metrojet’s general manager, HK MRO. “We are very pleased that both new and repeat customers place their trust in us, knowing that we have the right talent in place dedicated to providing both a quality and timely level of service.”

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