NATA Loss of License Insurance Program reaches enrolment milestone


The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has announced that over 1,000 pilots are now enrolled in its Loss of License Insurance Program, which is administered by Harvey Watt & Co. and underwritten by Symetra.

This insurance program is intended for Part 135, Part 125, Part 91K and Part 91 operators. The key component of the program offers income replacement for pilots who lose their FAA medicals.

“NATA’s Loss of License Program was developed to help our members and the general aviation industry to combat the pilot shortage that we face today. By expanding the benefits offered to pilots, companies can better recruit, protect, and retain pilots – making this one of our most sought after membership benefits,” said Timothy Obitts, COO of NATA.

“Harvey Watt & Co. began the first Loss of License Insurance Program in 1951 to protect professional pilots and their families from devastating financial loss due to disability. We were happy to partner with NATA and are proud to see the growth the program has made since its inception. Harvey Watt & Co. strives to provide the highest level of protection at the best value with our rich history and rapport with pilots, policy makers, doctors, and insurance companies. We help keep pilots in the cockpit and get them back to work sooner,” said Rob Alston, director of operations at Harvey Watt & Co.

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