New business aircraft brokerage Vertis Aviation Aircraft Trading takes off


Business aviation figureheads Mark Abbott, Conan McGale and Jeffrey Emmenis are combining more than sixty years of sector experience in a new aircraft broking venture, Vertis Aviation Aircraft Trading.

The decision to launch was inspired by an increasing number of requests for aircraft transaction support from charter customers of sister business Vertis Aviation, as well as growing market demand for transparent, highly personalised transactions in an increasingly lively and somewhat opaque trading sector.

“Our industry familiarity means we are distinctive in our ability to share our knowledge and provide dependable, data-driven advice to existing and new buyers and sellers from pre- to post-transaction,” said Abbott. “In addition to supporting trading, we can help connect customers with reputable legal, financial, and fiscal professionals and advise on aircraft management, refurbishment, or maintenance options. We want to build trusted lifetime relationships to help our clients optimize their business aviation usage from start to finish.”

Through the relationship with Vertis Aviation, the new brokerage will also support customers looking to upgrade from charter to ownership or support divestment as owners downgrade.

The business is headquartered in Dubai, but reflecting its ability to conduct seamless international trading, the partners have located themselves in key territories to support each market’s needs. Abbott splits his time between the Bahamas and Dubai, McGale is based in the United Kingdom, and Emmenis shares his time between Switzerland and Dubai.

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