Priority Freight and Jota Aviation open post-Brexit air bridge


Priority Freight, a leading time-critical logistics specialist, has teamed up with charter airline company Jota Aviation to set up an ‘air bridge’ between mainland Europe and the UK – open from January 2021.

The two companies have agreed a strategic partnership to keep supply chains moving through new customs challenges and the predicted congestion at ports when the UK completes its Brexit transition and leaves the European Union at the end of the year.

Sarah Westley, head of commercial operations at Jota Aviation said, “The purpose of this air bridge between Birmingham and Ostend is to maintain the integrity of supply chains and ensure goods get to where they need to be, on time. Hopefully our partnership with Priority Freight will prevent a few sleepless nights.”

The air bridge will offer return journeys twice daily, using a BAe146 to transport goods between Ostend and Birmingham. The service is available for Priority Freight clients to book immediately, with any remaining pallet spaces in January available on a daily spot booking basis.

Priority Freight has Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) status at all of its UK locations, including the Midlands – where the air bridge will operate in the UK. The company’s Coventry office also manages custom storage facilities including its own External Temporary Storage Facilities (ETSF) and Customs Warehouse.

The ETSF allows Priority Freight to place non-EU goods into storage prior to customs procedures or re-exportation. This means the company can retain the goods required for customs inspection only, while the remainder of the shipment can be delivered without delay.

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