Ross Aviation answers the flight shamers


Ross Aviation’s new carbon offset program carries the theme “Fly More. Leave Less” and is being introduced at this year’s NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference.

With a customer’s permission, Ross will add less than 10¢ per gallon to all or part of a fuel order to purchase carbon credits under their partnership with Those credits will appear as a line item on the customer’s invoice, and 100% of the amount will be forwarded to to support their key initiatives to combat climate change and improve the health of the planet.

At the end of the year, will send customers summaries of all the carbon credits they purchased, along with a report on how the funds raised were used to support meaningful environmental change in three key areas — energy efficiency, renewable energy, and forestry.

“Flight shamers aren’t completely wrong,” said Brian Corbett, chief executive officer of Ross Aviation, in detailing the company’s new carbon offset program. “Just like any industry today, business aviation needs to continue to reduce our carbon footprint and its associated impact on the environment. Ross Aviation is pleased to do our part by assisting our customers in becoming carbon neutral through their purchase of fuel with us, and participation in our carbon offset initiative.

“We looked carefully before selecting as our partner in the “Fly More. Leave Less” initiative and were very impressed with outstanding work they do as an organization, as well as their great attention to detail in every transaction. Now customers can take great pride in knowing their contributions through fuel purchases at any of our 17 locations can have a very positive impact on the environment. At Ross Aviation, we view the drive for carbon neutrality as a responsibility all of us in business aviation should take on and we’re excited to help lead the way.”

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