Shell Aviation pilots electric pump jet refueler


Shell Aviation is piloting an electric pump jet refueling vehicle in its operations at Stuttgart Airport in Germany, which the company claims is the first of its kind.

The 20,000 liter refueler features a fully electric fueling system and pressure control, enabling a significant reduction in diesel consumption when compared to conventional refuelers, which use the diesel engine to power refueling. The new refueler uses its diesel engine solely for moving around the apron, switching it off while refueling takes place.

Following extensive trials, the refueler is currently being piloted and it is anticipated that it will deliver a reduction in diesel consumption of 2,200 liters during the course of the pilot compared to a conventional refueling vehicle.

By reducing diesel consumption during aircraft refueling, the vehicle supports airports in their efforts to reduce emissions across their operations.

Anne Anderson, vice president at Shell Aviation, said, “The electric pump jet refueler system is an example of the spirit of innovation we bring to our customers, working with airports and airlines to provide solutions to the operational challenges they face.

“We are excited about the potential for electric pump jet refuelers to help reduce the carbon footprint of airports. We are hopeful that this pilot program at Stuttgart Airport will prove successful and these vehicles will have an important role to play in airports of the future.”

Shell Aviation worked with Esterer – a manufacturer of aircraft refuelers – on the vehicle. Following the pilot at Stuttgart Airport, Shell Aviation will assess opportunities to deploy the technology across its refueling network.

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