TapJets adds Ethereum cryptocurrency to payment options


Private jet instant booking platform TapJets is accepting cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin as a form of payment. The update means customer can book their flights through a smartphone and make their way straight to the airport while the blockchain transaction is completed.

Since TapJets began accepting Bitcoin payments in 2017, the number of flights booked using cryptocurrency has tripled month to month. For guests with complex travel itineraries or transcontinental flights, Ethereum also introduces the options for smart contracts that can simplify their travel experience and allow them protection and transparency that never existed before in private aviation.

Eugene Kesselman, founder and CEO, TapJets, commented, “Our customers are thrilled with the quality of their travel experience and first-of-its-kind instant booking process that gives them access to over 1,700 private jets.

“The instant nature of cryptocurrency transactions even further speeds up their booking process. [The] new payment option removes the time barrier of traditional bank wire payment or credit card limits [for]large purchases such as private jet travel, which now makes the customer experience even more streamlined and convenient.

“If you are looking to fly private then you are probably also looking for simplicity, we have put an end to the antiquated methods of booking a jet that included paper contracts or prepayments.

“These antiquated methods simply have no place in the luxury travel segment. The privacy, security, and convenience of cryptocurrency further enhance the overall simplification of booking your private jet in less than one minute.”


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