Teterboro FBO receives on brand refresh


Jet Aviation’s Teterboro FBO has been refurbished as part of the company’s ongoing brand refresh.
For the last two years Jet Aviation has been working to ensure that all of its facilities around the world share a consistent design.

“As our US headquarters and the busiest business aviation airport in the world we wanted to ensure
that our Teterboro facility represented a seamless, authentic and memorable experience for our
customers,” said Richard Layson, Jet Aviation’s vice president of regional FBO operations.

As part of a global network of 50 locations, including 30 FBOs on four continents, Jet Aviation
is aiming to offer customers an aligned experience wherever they are in the world.

“Our connection with our colleagues across the network means we are able to provide customers
with a global approach, personalized to their specific needs,” said Layson.

The refurbishment took six months to complete and includes a new FBO lobby with front desk, refreshment
area, and a pilot’s lounge.

“We also refurbished our fifth floor which is home to offices and a conference room,” said Layson. “We
are always looking for ways to ensure that we provide a seamless experience for our customers across our
facilities worldwide and are delighted to have officially completed our US flagship facility refresh at Teterboro.”

The FBO provides sustainable aviation fuel via a book and claim process, de-icing, domestic and
international handling, complete line service, aircraft exterior and interior cleaning, aircraft refueling and
nightly hangarage.

Jet Aviation’s Teterboro FBO operations continued as usual during the refurbishment works. “We are
very happy to unveil this new, elegant and welcoming environment at Teterboro and are thankful to our
customers for working with us throughout the process,” said Layson.

“We are constantly looking at ways to refresh our facilities and are in the middle of an expansive
remodel at our Houston FBO. The project is set to be completed in early summer and we are looking
forward to showcasing the freshly remodeled facility to all traveling to Houston.”

The company has also implemented refreshes atkey FBOs in Europe, such as Zurich and Geneva.
“We keep all our facilities on a refurbishment cycle to ensure that each one of them represents the service
that Jet Aviation provides,” said Layson.

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