World Fuel offers carbon offsets as a rewards option

World Fuel Services has announced that World Fuel Rewards now offers carbon offsets as a rewards option.
When members redeem World Fuel Rewards for carbon offsets, they can enter their fuel volume or points to calculate the amount of carbon emissions in tons of CO2 equivalents.
World Kinect Energy Services (World Kinect), the sustainability division of World Fuel Services, analyzes members’ energy use and retires carbon offsets to compensate for a portion of their scope 1 and scope 2 carbon emissions.
A carbon offset represents one ton of greenhouse gas emissions that has been avoided or reduced in the atmosphere.
Choosing carbon offsets allows members to compensate for a portion of their operation’s residual carbon footprint. World Kinect sources carbon offsets from projects world wide that have been independently verified and certified by internationally accepted standards. Members will receive a carbon offset certificate that allows them to report that they have offset some of the carbon emissions from their activities.
Malcolm Hawkins, senior vice president of business aviation global sales, World Fuel Services said, “We understand that sustainability can feel complex and unattainable, and we want to make it easier for World Fuel Rewards members to achieve their sustainability goals. Including carbon offsets as a rewards redemption option encourages members to take this simple and significant first step in their sustainability journey.”
With World Fuel’s first Sustainable Aviation Fuel shipments in 2014 to the addition of selling fuel bundled with offsets in their FBO software, they have and will continue to commit resources to create a more sustainable future for their customers and the aviation industry.World Fuel Rewards members can quickly earn points to redeem their carbon offsets when making purchases with World Fuel Contract, AVCARD by World Fuel or World Fuel Trip Support.Customers can earn points on almost every aviation-related product or service, including maintenance, pilot training, fuel, services, ground handling, catering, deice and more. Members earn bonus rewards at all Air Elite by World Fuel locations. World Fuel Rewards membership is free and open to schedulers, dispatchers, flight crew members, pilots and flight departments.
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