FBO opens at Falcon Field Airport in Mesa, Arizona


Avflight officially opened a new facility at Falcon Field Airport (KFFZ) in Mesa, Arizona, this July.

The development includes a 5,000ft2 FBO terminal, more than 500ft2 of leasable office space and 11,000ft2 of hangar space. The company also has expansion plans to accommodate the growing customer base at the Mesa airport.

The project presented a challenge in that the developer was already working on the facility prior to Avflight’s acquisition of Falcon Executive Aviation’s FBO business.

“This meant that the exterior aesthetic of the building and the building’s size were already finalized by the developer. But we were fortunate to be able to jump in and design the layout of the office building and incorporate the modern aesthetic for which the Avflight brand is known,” said Garrett Hain, Avflight’s vice president of finance.

“The on-field developer, Mesa Hangars, was fantastic to work with as we established operations at Falcon Field Airport. The final product is a beautiful new facility that caters to the needs of Falcon Field Airport’s customers and represents the Avflight brand well — it’s an outcome both the developer and the Avflight team can be proud of.”

Going blue

A surprising aspect of the new FBO is that the outside of the building is blue. “That was finalized before we came onto the field,” said Hain. “It is certainly unique for the Avflight brand, but we’ve found that the Avflight red really pops nicely off that exterior wall. But what really sets the facility apart is its quality.
“The whole building is fresh, modern and upscale. Great care was taken to design the facility with the needs of the modern, discerning traveler in mind.”

The FBO terminal features the comfortable, modern design associated with the Avflight brand and includes all the luxuries that travelers have come to expect: pilot and passenger lounges, snooze rooms,
showers, a kitchen, a flight planning room and a conference room.

The building’s convenient location on the airport field allows for direct access from road to ramp with ample parking space for streamlined travel.

“Avflight’s operation is outfitted with a full suite of ground handling equipment and services, including both jet and avgas refueler trucks, 24-hour fueling services, oxygen service, a ground-power unit, lavatory service, third-party aircraft maintenance, aircraft parking, courtesy transportation, rental cars, computerized weather, catering and professional concierge services,” said Hain.

Key locations

According to Hain, Avflight is always looking for key locations to expand its network and found an ideal opportunity at Falcon Field Airport.

“Business in Mesa and the greater Phoenix region is booming, and the airport has exceptional growth potential. Our goal was, and continues to be, to build on the foundation of Falcon Field Airport’s offerings with new facilities and a dedication to customer care. The Avflight team is honored to serve as a premier gateway to Mesa and the greater Phoenix region,” said Hain.

Established operations

Avflight established its operation at Falcon Field Airport in December 2020 out of the existing facilities it acquired from Falcon Executive Aviation before moving to its current location across the field.
“When we moved onto the field in December, we sought to bring our passion for aviation and comprehensive knowledge of aviation services, backed by the resources afforded by a network of 24 premier FBOs, to the airport,” said Hain.

“We’re here to be a true, trusted partner, dedicated to supporting the airport’s growing customer base with first-class services and amenities.”

As an Avfuel-branded location and full-service FBO Avflight Mesa offers Avfuel Contract Fuel and rewards with AVTRIP.


The pandemic had minimal impact on the project, although it did mean that Avflight had to rethink its grand opening.

“Rather than the large gathering we typically host, we opted for a smaller ribbon cutting ceremony this July in conjunction with hosting the Arizona Business Aviation Association’s in-person meeting. It was an honor to host its dedicated members in our new facility — it perfectly marked a special occasion to celebrate our new presence on the field,” Hain said.

Avflight Mesa serves a mix of based and transient traffic attracted to the region for its many businesses and leisure destinations.

Located within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Avflight Mesa is approximately 30 minutes to Scottsdale and Phoenix, and approximately 20 minutes to Tempe and downtown Mesa.

“Avflight is committed to investing in the airport and the community as it adds to its facilities to accommodate a growing customer base,” said Hain.

Falcon Field Airport features two runways with the largest measuring 5,100ft. Falcon Field serves as a reliever to Phoenix Sky Harbor International and Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airports, the region’s two commercial service hubs.

More than 800 aircraft are based at Falcon Field and with more than 300,000 operations annually, it is one of the busiest GA airports in the USA.

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