Meet the Manager: Alfredo Lisdero, Welojets


The co-founder of Welojets discusses the best and worst elements of his job, how the company stands out from competitors and what a typical day looks like for him.

What was your career path to your current role?

Since I was a child I had a passion for aeronautics. My room was full of posters of airplanes instead
of cars or soccer like my friends´ rooms. In fact, I managed to recover an airplane poster from the
70s that is now in my office. Years later, I discovered alongside my business partner and company
co-founder Martín Baldomá Jones, that we had the same poster growing up, that shared passion
continues today at Welojets.

That passion for airplanes coupled with an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship led me to connect with
business aviation several years ago. Our first project was to set up an AOC that currently operates a
diverse fleet in Latin America. A couple of years ago we decided to set up our headquarters in
Madrid and launched Welojets with my partner Martín as a global air mobility solutions company.

What are the best and less favorable elements of your job?

The world of aviation is fascinating and so is the world of entrepreneurship. The best thing about
Welojets is that our team is wonderful, very diverse and we all share a passion for aviation and a
dedication to service. Every day we help connect people, get people quickly to places that are
otherwise not accessible, and help our customers in the best of times and in difficult times as we do
in our medivac and organ transport for transplants departments.

As for the less favorable things, I think there is one word we never want to hear which is AOG –
Aircraft on Ground. In those cases, the pressure and stress rise to find an alternative solution for our
customers and it is wonderful to see our team thrive under that pressure and against the clock so
that our customers can get to the destination and accomplish our mission. That is our added value, a
team that is available to the client 24/7 and that gives its all when something goes wrong.

Can you describe a typical day? 

A typical day starts with taking the kids to school on foot, a bit of sport, and then reviewing with our
directors of each department the news while going over the quotes and planned flights. In addition,
together with my partner Martin, we are constantly refining Welojets’ strategy to add more and
more value to our clients.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

Team and service. The passion of our people makes all the difference and that translates into a high
level of service. Our brokers are partners in our business, and it is fascinating to see them always
going the extra mile to give their clients a bespoke level of service.

What is the most significant trend currently affecting the business aviation sector?

Business aviation is going through a boom time. The pandemic has led to many new customers
opting for business aviation and the advantages it offers for business and leisure travel. No waiting
at airports that are overflowing after the pandemic, safe and flexible travel, and unparalleled levels
of comfort. Demand for new and used business jets remains strong and we expect the industry to
maintain high occupancy levels through 2023.

What does the future hold for Welojets?

2022 was a great year for Welojets; we achieved important milestones such as the ARGUS
registration to increase our level of processes and safety, joined the NBAA and the Air Charter Association, and made an investment in sustainable air mobility with our project with Electra and Verdego. Welojets is growing rapidly, and we expect to open new markets in 2023. We are focused on consolidating our team and scaling our departments, including group charter, which we see as a big market for the coming years. We are also working to improve the experience for our customers in order to connect more and better with people.

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