Meet the manager: Sandra María Ólafsdóttir, Iceland Jet Center


Sandra María Ólafsdóttir, the FBO manager at Iceland Jet Center discusses how the company stands out, why the industry is so important to Iceland and what the future holds

What was your career path to your current role?

I have been working in aviation for around a decade, mainly in ground operations as a station manager and later as a regional manager. After joining Icelandair, I spent a few years in training before joining the Iceland Jet Center.

Why is business aviation so important to the region?

Iceland’s unique geographic position connects Europe and North America, making it a suitable destination for both brief fuel stops and extended stopovers.

How has the company dealt with Covid-19 over the last two years?

Although Covid-19 has been a challenge for Iceland Jet Center like it has been for most companies, the private aviation industry has recovered quickly. With the various flights we service we continued limited operation during the most challenging months of the pandemic. Since Iceland lifted all Covid-related restrictions, we have seen a rise in bookings and general interest.

Can you describe a typical day in the Jet Center?

There are no two days the same at the Jet Center. The day typically starts with a debrief from the night shift, and then the day shift plan the day according to the operation that day. The Jet Center handles a good mixture of business and military operation flights for quick fuel stops or extended stays.

The employees keep busy by responding to emails and phone calls throughout the day and by planning for arriving or departing clients. We strive to keep our Jet Center clean and supplied with complimentary refreshments and snacks for our clients. We also have our Saga Shop, where clients can purchase luxury items and delicious chocolates.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

We are known for going above and beyond for our clients and always aim to provide an excellent personal service, whether it is a fuel stop, diversion, military operation or a VIP flight. Customers have access to numerous facilities, including complimentary drinks and snacks, duty-free shopping, crew and passenger lounge with complimentary wifi access, shower room and private flight planning/briefing room.

Iceland Jet Center is part of the Icelandair Group, with more than 80 years of aviation history and expertise. Iceland Jet Center can offer complete commercial charter services, including passenger check-in and baggage handling, as well as cargo services and maintenance support. Iceland Jet Center is the largest FBO network in Iceland, with four locations, Iceland Jet Center at Keflavik Airport (BIKF), at Reykjavik (BIRK), Akureyri (BIAR) and Egilsstadir (BIEG).

What does the future hold for Iceland Jet Center?

The future is bright for Iceland Jet Center as we continue improving and expanding our service and growing our network. Iceland is a very popular destination at the moment and we see that interest is growing.

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