The ACA joins the UK Government’s Jet Zero Council Zero Emission Flight Delivery Group


The ACA has been asked by the UK Government to join the Jet Zero Council Zero Emission Flight (ZEF) Delivery Group, the partnership body between industry and government to deliver decarbonisation in the aviation sector.

Glenn Hogben, chief executive said, “This invitation from the UK Government demonstrates the significant role the Association is playing for non-scheduled air transport. I am delighted to have been invited to take part in this group, representing charter aviation and supporting our collective goal to achieve zero emission flights. Our appointment is also a fitting demonstration of the success of The ACA in recent years, championing key industry areas and providing support for our members and the wider aviation industry.”

The ZEF Delivery Group, chaired by Rachel Gardner-Poole (Connected Places Catapult), working alongside the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Transport, will provide advice on how government and industry can work together to best accelerate the adoption of zero emission flight and put the UK in a leading position in the race to achieve it.

The Group will build on the work of the Aerospace Technology Institute’s (ATI’s) FlyZero project and the UK DfT’s Zero Emission Flight Infrastructure (ZEFI) project. It will focus on three specific areas, zero emission aircraft, ground infrastructure to support zero emission flight and regulatory requirements for zero emission flight.

Hogben said, “The work that we shall progress as part of the ZEF Delivery Group will complement The ACA’s dedicated working group focused on Sustainability and Innovation. We are committed to supporting member companies with efforts to reduce environmental impacts and we will continue to work with the industry to develop the path to ‘net zero’.”

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