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Tech factor

Online private jet booking platform Victor has recently received US$8m in mezzanine funding. Founder and CEO Clive Jackson talks exclusively to Business Airport International about how the company is growing and how technology is playing an increasingly important role in the business aviation industry

Modern man

Jonny Nicol, CEO of Stratajet, is on a mission to bring the private aviation market into the 21st century

European expansion

A recent report from Gama Aviation revealed the fast growth of flights emanating from emerging European economies has been the driving force behind the increase in European business flights over the past five years. Business Airport International spoke to Marwan Khalek, CEO of Gama Aviation, about what the results mean for the company. 

Center stage

Bryon Burbage was named president of Hawthorne Global Aviation Services on May 6, 2015. Business Airport International talks to the man himself about what the role means and how he will move the company forward

Full disclosure

All sectors of the business aviation industry need to understand the implications of tough new bribery legislation to ensure they stay on the right side of the law

Fair game

Following the recent court case between the Chattanooga Airport Authority and TAC Air Facility over FBO competition at Lovell Field Airport, Tennessee, what happens when state- and privately-owned FBOs compete?

Business is booming

Richard Koe, managing director of business intelligence specialists WINGX-Advance, explores the growth of business aviation in the UK compared to Europe 

Girl power

Abby Bried, president of the International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA), talks to Business Airport International about the importance of encouraging more women to enter the aviation sector

Shaping the future

Mark Bailey, CEO of the British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA), discusses the challenges for business aviation in the UK in 2015

Birth of a private jet

Adam Twidell, CEO of, explores the life of a new private jet from conception to delivery

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