Beyond Aero unveils hydrogen business jet


Beyond Aero, a French aerospace manufacturer, has unveiled its electric business aircraft designed for hydrogen propulsion for the first time at the International Paris Air Show.

With a capacity of 4 to 8 passengers on board, it will be capable of reaching 1500 km.

This first aircraft by the manufacturer, named One, is equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, a system that generates electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen, producing only liquid water as a by-product.

The estimated range is 800 NM, approximately 1500 km, with a desired speed of 310 KTAS, equivalent to 575 km/h.

Recently, Beyond Aero completed tests of its 85 kW scale propulsion system on its site located at Toulouse-Francazal Airport.

These tests were adapted for aircraft propulsion and involved retrofitting a G1 Aviation two-seater ultralight aircraft to address technological challenges related to hydrogen, optimizing weight and addressing integration constraints.

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