Gulfstream G280 cleared for operations at St-Tropez in La Môle


Gulfstream Aerospace’s supermidsize Gulfstream G280 has been cleared for operations at France’s Airport of the Gulf of SaintTropez located in La Môle.

The aircraft recently flew several takeoff and landing demonstrations at the short-field airport.

“Given its prime location in the south of France, we are pleased to unlock this destination for
G280 customers,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “The aircraft offers long-proven shortfield performance, which is required for this airfield, as well as competitive range access when departing from La Môle to all of Europe and northern Africa.”

To begin operations, G280 crews must complete French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) approved ground, simulator and aircraft training within six months of the first flight to La Môle.

No aircraft modifications will be required for operational approval.

In addition to the short-field performance required for La Môle, the G280 also offers proven steep-approach capability, opening access to some of the world’s most challenging airports and allowing customers to land even closer to the destination at hand. It is also certified to the Federal Aviation Administration’s stringent Stage 5 noise standards.

The G280’s well-appointed cabin offers multiple floorplan options and seats up to 10 with a fourplace conference table. It features Gulfstream’s exclusive cabin management and high-definition entertainment systems, 19 large oval windows, access to baggage at high altitudes and multiple connectivity options, including a high-speed Ka-band satellite system.

The G280 will be on display alongside the Gulfstream G500, Gulfstream G650ER and Gulfstream
G700 at the 2023 Paris Air Show.

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