Jet Aviation announces redelivery of its first VVIP cabin interior on an ACJ319neo


 Jet Aviation’s completions center in Basel has announced the outfitting and redelivery of its first ACJ319neo aircraft, the quietest VVIP cabin that the center has completed to date. 

Building on a commitment to meeting customer demands for lighter, quieter cabins, the ACJ319neo was designed by the Jet Aviation design studio in collaboration with the customer’s own interior designer.

“Our in-house design studio worked closely with engineering and production to realize the customer’s vision in exquisite detail,” said Jeremie Caillet, vice president Completions. “The cabin is extremely comfortable, with a remarkably quiet interior, all at reduced weight. This was made possible by Jet Aviation’s commitment to constant improvement in production and process. Our departments have been working together to rethink industry norms, and apply new methodologies to create the next generation of VVIP cabins that are not only beautifully designed and crafted, but are lighter and quieter, thus reducing fuel consumption while still providing passengers exceptional levels of comfort.” 

“As the market continues to demand quieter and lighter cabins, we are delighted to provide a benchmark for achieving the optimum blend of both, with no compromise on customer comfort or aesthetics,” said Matthew Woollaston, VP Completions sales. “This ACJ319neo is a fine testament to our ability to meet these demands, while retaining the highest levels of quality and comfort that Jet Aviation is known for.” 

Jet Aviation’s Completions Center in Basel has over 40 years of experience crafting beautifully customized private aircraft interiors. The center has completed over 200 aircraft, including 23 Airbus since 2000. 

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