Stratos 714 completes first phase of flight testing


Stratos Aircraft has completed the first flight test phase of its Stratos 714 single-engine personal jet.

Having logged 52 hours and 33 flights, the Stratos 714 has been flown at weights of up to 8,300 lb, over a range of center of gravity positions. During the initial flight program, the aircraft was flown to 320 KTAS and up to an altitude of 17,000ft feet with only minor modifications.

The Stratos 714 is a personal jet with a cruise speed of 400kts and a range of 1,500 miles. With that performance, the aircraft could fly from Seattle to Miami in seven hours with just one stop, company officials say. The FAA has now removed initial flight limitations so the aircraft can pursue advanced research and development.

Michael Lemaire, CEO at Jet Aviation, commented, “We are extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made up to this point. We haven’t encountered anything that would require a major change in the design.”

The company is not taking deposits until the aircraft is closer to certification.

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