FAA updates Covid-19 guidance for airports


The Federal Aviation Administration has published information about how to deal with common issues and challenges US airports are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The document about Covid-19 restrictions and accommodations states that the closure of airports must be approved by the FAA and that in general it does not permit the temporary closure of federally-obligated airports.

The guidance also provides advise on subjects such as quarantining, prohibiting certain types of flights and says that airports should use runways as areas for overflow parking only as a last resort.

The FAA also urges airports to carefully consider renegotiating rent from aeronautical and non-aeronautical tenants as part of the guidance, including deferrals. It says, “If a sponsor or airport tenant desires to renegotiate rent, a reasonable basis for such an action might be established if the underlying basis for such rent has temporarily declined or altered due to Covid-19.

“In such circumstances, the offer of accommodation in the form of rent abatement is not barred by grant assurances as long as it is reasonable,” it continues. “Sponsors considering such relief are encouraged to consider the business situation of the tenant.”

Meanwhile, this document on the Cares Act, provides some information on the US$100 million the US Government is making available to general aviation airports to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

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