Jet Linx voluntarily grounds entire fleet for safety summit


Jet Linx has grounded its fleet for an entire day for its annual safety summit. The company voluntarily grounded its fleet of over 100 aircraft to bring together all of its 500 employees to discuss safety issues.

This is the third consecutive year the summit has been held and Jet Linx remains the only air carrier in the USA to implement such a standard.

The focus of the safety summit is  culture, management, and how to identify potential hazards. The day included a special keynote session from Jim Hall, former National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chairman, on organizational contributing factors in aviation safety.

Jamie Walker, president and CEO of Jet Linx said, “Our annual Safety Summit allows us to continue advancing best safety practices and standards of excellence across the entire organization.

“As a leader in the industry, it is our responsibility to hold ourselves accountable and further the highest safety standards. We are proud to invest considerable time, energy and financial resources in order to deliver our aircraft owners and Jet Card members with the confidence that they are flying with the industry’s best.”

The safety summit was co-led this year by Sheryl Clarke, Jet Linx’s newly-appointed director of safety and security, who is responsible for leading the safety department and the continued enhancement of Jet Linx’s safety programs to ensure that every measure is taken to meet and exceed government regulations.

Clarke said, “Jet Linx has managed to pursue a nationwide expansion while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of their clients, pilots and team..”

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