Baker Aviation and Spirit Aeronautics Partner in Fort Worth


Baker Aviation, a full-service aircraft maintenance, management and charter company located at Fort Worth, Meacham International Airport (KFTW), has reached an agreement with Spirit Aeronautics to co-locate its avionics repair station inside the new Baker complex that opened last year.

“We are excited to be joining forces with Spirit Aeronautics as they expand their reach into Texas,” said Stan Baker, III, President, Baker Aviation. “Having access to this level of avionics expertise inside our hangar will certainly benefit our current aircraft management fleet. It will minimize downtime for our aircraft by having on-site avionics repairs and troubleshooting, as well as easy access to upgrade installations from an authorized OEM dealer.”

Spirit Aeronautics is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and has leased this location from Baker Aviation to expand their services into the North Texas region.

Rick Ochs, CEO, Spirit Aeronautics said, “Our team is excited to strengthen our great partnership with Baker Aviation in a way that enhances both of our companies. Combining our 1st class level of avionics services and our many OEM dealership resources with Baker’s experienced and highly capable aircraft maintenance services, we will be offering industry best aircraft support services for the business aviation community in the DFW metroplex. Our growing organization is ready to respond offering avionics flightline support and response services for AOG events in the area. We can provide leading edge Avionics & Cabin systems modification services in Baker Aviation’s new and impressive MRO hangar facilities.”

Ray Goyco, Jr. is current CEO of Baker Aviation Services Group, a division of the Baker company that leads contractual management activities and was instrumental in coordinating this new alliance with Spirit. “This strategic partnership has come together in a timely manner as we recently moved the maintenance, management and charter operations together. Rick and I have known each other many years and mutually respect our complementary business decorum that ultimately benefits our clients while earning their loyalty. We welcome the Spirit Aeronautics team to Texas and look forward to a long and valuable partnership.”

Established in 2008 exclusively as a private jet services company to provide a broad scope of customized aviation services, Baker Aviation has diversified their maintenance platforms and product offerings over the years and today serves as a full-service aircraft maintenance, management, and charter company.

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