Embraer CEO to step down in April


Embraer’s current president and CEO, Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva, is to step down from his role on April 22, 2019, marking the end of his two-year elected term.

De Souza e Silva joined Embraer from the financial market to structure the company’s sales financing area. For six years, he was president and CEO of commercial aviation and in 2013 launched the E2 Program, the medium-sized commercial jets considered today to be the most efficient in the market.

In 2016, he became president and CEO of the Embraer Group with a mission to make the company more efficient and competitive and better prepared to face structural changes in the global aviation market.

De Souza e Silva’s administration established three key initiatives focused on value creation and the sustainability of the company – the transaction with Boeing; the creation of the Passion for Excellence program and a structural transformation project focused on reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency, generating significant annual recurring savings; and the creation of EmbraerX, responsible for innovation and the development of opportunities for the future, such as eVTOL.

Commenting on his tenure, Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva said, “Without the support of the board and Embraer’s 18,000 employees and colleagues, none of our achievements would have been possible. We are challenged to remain at the forefront of engineering and operations.

“In executive aviation and defense, and with the KC-390 joint venture with Boeing, we will expand our international competitiveness and everything indicates that we will have another 50 years of success ahead. I am sure that the new leadership of the company will find fertile ground ahead to expand and consolidate Embraer.”

Paulo Cesar was invited to be a senior advisor to the board, with the task of facilitating the integration of the future president and CEO and advising the board on the monitoring of assets and resources segregation. The new president and CEO will be named around April 22.

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