Jet Linx launches corporate jet card


Jet Linx, a private jet management and Jet Card membership company in the United States, has announced the debut of its Enterprise Jet Card Membership, a new private aviation solution that provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of services and products that optimize its corporate travel strategy through increased connectivity and productivity.

The Enterprise Jet Card Membership offers guaranteed availability of up to four aircraft per day at guaranteed, fixed hourly rates and the ability to fly an unlimited number of employees, in addition to benefits such as a 24-hour lead time with no short-notice fees, guaranteed WiFi and preferred access to Jet Linx’s fleet of 100+ aircraft across four size categories, including Light,Midsize, Super Midsize and Heavy jet aircraft.

“As a trusted business partner both on the ground and in the air, Jet Linx acts as a strategy provider and a solutions finder to ensure businesses are able to achieve their objectives,” said Jamie Walker, president and CEO of Jet Linx. “Now more than ever, we understand the significant role of business aviation and wanted to create a flexible and reliable corporate travel solution, supported by Five-Star service and a guaranteed highest standard of safety. Our new Enterprise Jet Card is designed to enhance business performance and growth while saving time and money – two of themost valuable resources for business executives.”


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