July marks busiest ever month for business aviation activity in Europe, says WingX


WingX has reported that 94,002 business aviation departures took place in Europe in July, marking a new record for activity in the region.

Of these movements, 60,178 were operated by business jets. Year-on-year (YOY) growth in total activity was 4% this month, taking the year-to-date (YTD) trend up 3%.

The busiest country was France, although demand was down by 1% YOY. Other top markets had moderate-to-good growth, with strongest increase being for the UK and Germany with flights up 7% YOY. Greece came in as seventh busiest country in July, with growth of 11% YOY.

The hosting of the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in Russia was reflected in a 26% increase in YOY flights between Russia and Europe. Flights from France to Russia were up 7%; from Spain to Russia up by 17%; and from the UK to Russia, flights were up by more than 130%.

The decline in France this month was due to large jets flying less, which was also experienced in Italy and Spain. In contrast, large jet flights out of Switzerland and Greece were up by almost 10%, and from Russia, up by 36%. Small and midsize activity was up 9% in Italy.

Business aviation flights within Europe were up 4%, stronger in Western Europe than in the south of the continent. European flights to North America were up by 5% and Middle East connections were down 13% in July.

Charter/AOC activity represented almost 60% of all activity in July, growing 3.9% YOY. Business jets operated most of this activity, with these flights up by 5%.

The biggest markets for charter/AOC demand during the month were Germany, the UK, Spain and Greece, all increasing. Largest growth came from Russia, with charters this month up more than 30%. Private mission activity was up in the top market of France, Germany and the UK.

London airports had double the activity of any other city, although Paris, France, has stronger growth with a 12% surge for small and midsize jets. Flights from Nice were down, but out of Farnborough, Biggin Hill, Vnukovo and Mykonos, activity increased more than 15% YOY.

Richard Koe, managing director of WingX Advance, said, “The Football World Cup helped in boosting business aviation activity to its highest ever monthly level in July, with business jets 6% busier than back in 2008.

“There was balanced growth in large, midsize and small jet activity, with continued shift in demand toward charter, although private flights also up.

“As with last year, the impetus for growth this summer is the high-end leisure market, with the distinction that Mykonos rather than Ibiza is attracting the most growth.”

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