Meridian appoints Emil Iannone chief operating officer


Private aviation company Meridian has announced Emil Iannone as chief operating officer of Meridian Air Charter.

Iannone will be responsible for managing and streamlining the charter business, including charter operations, charter sales, aircraft management and marketing. He has served as director of operations since 2013, when he returned to Meridian after 13 years in the financial industry.

The organizational restructuring of Meridian comes as part of the company’s overall growth strategy, and is designed to allow Dennis O’Connell, president of Meridian Air Charter, more time to focus on other critical aspects of the charter business.

Iannone said, “I’m honored to be working side-by-side with Dennis to help ensure our charter operations meets the needs of a rapidly changing marketplace and continues to grow our charter and aircraft management operations. I look forward to contributing to Meridian’s ongoing success.”

“We are very pleased to have Emil managing the day-to-day operations of Meridian Air Charter,” said Ken Forester, CEO of Meridian Air Center. “He has the operational experience and people skills to help navigate the challenges of the ever-changing charter landscape.

“Emil’s new position will also allow Dennis greater bandwidth to focus on the other key areas of the operation. Together, they will be a powerful team in moving the business forward.”

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