NV Jets joins ACSF


The Air Charter Safety Foundation has announced that NV Jets, of Las Vegas, Nevada, has joined its ranks.

“Safety is my number-one obsession,” said NV Jets founder and CEO Laura Penly. “Due to our highly focused, daily commitment to all aspects of safety, we’re the only operator in Nevada that’s achieved IS-BAO Stage 2 certification, and also has Wyvern Wingman and AR/GUS Platinum ratings.”

For NV Jets and other members that represent the business, charter and fractional ownership industry, their allegiance to the ACSF’s code helps them to offer the public the safest air transportation products in the world, and to provide them with objective information about these standards and services.

“NV Jets has a very impressive safety record, and we are proud to welcome to the foundation,” said ACSF president Bryan Burns.

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