DC Aviation Al-Futtaim FBO receives IS-BAH Stage 3


DC Aviation Al-Futtaim, a leading business aviation services provider, has announced that it has received the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) Stage 3 certification for its Fixed Base Operations (FBO) located at Dubai South.

DCAF received its Stage 1 certification in May 2019 and Stage 2 in January 2021.

With the Stage 3 certification, DCAF is one of only two FBOs in the Middle East and among 27 organizations globally to attain this highest level of safety standard established by IS-BAH which verifies that safety management activities are fully integrated into the business and that a positive safety culture is being sustained.

The accreditation process involved a complete audit of DCAF’s FBO safety management systems, emergency and security procedures, organisational structure, training protocols and operating procedures and was conducted by an independent auditor from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

“At DCAF, we are fully committed to providing the highest levels of safety standards and industry best practices. It is front and centre for everything we do,” said Christopher Eden, director of ground operations at DCAF.

“Our commitment to continued improvement of safety management activities and positive safety culture was demonstrated and verified during this audit resulting in accomplishing IS-BAH stage 3 accreditation. The successful completion of the Stage 3 audit was a result of around-the-clock hard work from all the teams involved and the continuous support of the management,” he said.

Stewart Macpherson, who conducted the IS-BAH inspection audit said, “We can now add DC Aviation Al-Futtaim as part of this elite group of FBOs to attain Stage 3 (the highest level) registration of the IS-BAH. They should be very proud, as this is an incredible achievement that is no easy feat to achieve.

“The dedication and devotion of their team to fully integrate their Safety Management System (SMS) into all areas of their organisation reflects the high value the company places on safety as the top priority in their business model. I appreciated the opportunity to audit this impressive group and wish them well in their continued IS-BAH journey to lead the way in safety.”

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