Coronavirus: NATA launches Safety 1st Clean Standard for FBOs


US trade body the National Air Transportation Association has launched an infectious disease response cleaning standard for FBOs to help safeguard staff, assets and the public.

The Safety 1st Clean standard provides  guidance on facility cleaning, disinfecting, and facility operations in response to a pandemic. The standard is free to the public and produced by the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Safety Committee and COVID Task Force.

“The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world brought the entire aviation industry to a grinding halt in a way that many of us were unprepared for,” said NATA’s senior vice president Ryan Waguespack. “As flight activities continue to increase, we felt it was critical to develop and provide Safety 1st Clean for free to the entire business aviation community to maintain safe and successful operations moving forward and to be better prepared for future outbreaks.”

The Safety 1st Clean standard also provides a self-certification process that allows FBOs to highlight their conformance to this standard by displaying the Safety 1st Clean logo. Upon completing the self-certification checklist, an FBO can send it and other required documentation outlined in the document to to receive the Safety 1st Clean logo.

To access the free standard go here.

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